The Benefits of Employee Self Service

October 5, 2014

Employee Self Service, or ESS for short, is modern technology's gift to the equally modern, mobile and adaptable, high performance workplace that every business should strive to become. Here's a short commentary by Honey Software explaining what ESS is and what it can do to your business.


  • Taking a guess at ESS


Employee Self Service is a simple concept - provide a software platform that operates on the internet to serve as a connection point for all of your employees to access at their leisure, managing their own payroll, leave requests, changes of address and other administration problems which every employee is perfectly capable of and will often prefer doing themselves, rather than bogging down administration and IT staff. But how do these things start affecting business in the bigger picture? How does ESS change a business?


  • Lessen stress and let your Employees take care of themselves

Self reporting takes the load of your employees for both administration and from the ground-up. Issues in workplace relations and people management are some of the most likely stress causes for employees. Self Service not only streamlines admin communication quickly by giving the employee the tools to communicate easily and instantaneously through the cloud, it puts the employee in charge of their own welfare. ESS helps employees become more independent and self-motivated: Let your employees be in charge of their own matters. In keeping with Honey Software's focal interest on the High Performance Work System, employees that are given appropriate levels of responsibility and trust will be happier in their environment and work more productively.


  • Creating a simple and efficient, centralised communication hub for all branches

With a cloud-supported, web based software capable of rolling your payroll, timesheeting, mailing lists and other clunky blocks of networking information together, ESS immediately connects all levels of a business no matter how geographically or administratively separated they might be, and removes hassle like accounting for timezones and clunky data retrieval across multiple virtual PCs. With easily categorized information levels and genres, employees can log in and be greeted with exactly the information they need, at any time, logically prioritised, with no other useless emails to wade through: No more "email all" memos being sent to the majority that doesn't need them.


  • Escaping the "hidden" costs of inefficiency

ESS eliminates a lot of minor hiccups that can snowball into a hefty problem - a flyer with a formatting issue that would otherwise take an hour out of an employee's workday to fix and print, and then a hefty sum in printer ink, not to mention the time taken to correctly redistribute can now be solved easily and sent to all employees in a matter of seconds. Sweeping these easily resolved problems in theory, but tedious and time consuming in practice will save your admin staff countless hours of unproductive and dissatisfying work.


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