The top 5 obstacles facing modern HR in business

September 21, 2014

“You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life.”

-Renee West

One of the reasons it's so exciting to be working in Human Resources today is because of how adaptive and quickly evolving the field is. Human Resources strategies seeking to move away from the Taylorist models of efficiency are finding success in focusing on empowering employees, and this "new age" of Human Resources is catching fire. Without further ado, here are Honey Software's picks for the five biggest obstacles this new climate is facing in its growth within your business:


       Hiring and Talent Acquisition

  • The art of effective hiring has plagued businesses for decades, and the concept of building a position around an individual rather than headhunting the resume that fits the bill the best is an alien, difficult idea for traditional businesses to get their heads around. Businesses need to become more self-aware and tailor their screening and recruitment processes to proactively snap up the readily available free talent, but also have the confidence necessary in their overall vision, employee culture and on-site training to support and retain their acquired human capital. 


       Communication and Technology

  • With social media applications that link the entire world together and software that can automatically sync and update information within your business in real-time, there is simply no excuse for not taking advantage of the modern communication advantage available today. The internet itself provides an anonymous backdrop to gather feedback from a wide range of demographics on new directions, products and ideas for your business - especially with young people. 

        Employee Engagement  

  • As was alluded to earlier, the next major step after turning up your hiring process is turning down your turnover rate. Focus on turning your business into a happy, healthy environment where each employee feels valued. Take the time to properly acknowledge an employee's good work and foster a positive atmosphere to see quick improvements in efficiency, general wellbeing and of course turnover. 

        Creating the Right Image

  • Businesses are finding at an increasing rate that image, branding and presentation are worth their weight in gold when advertising and company information are so easily accessible in today's market. Paying close attention to how your business presents itself in the media and towards the public interest will benefit your business' relationship with its consumers, the general public and your own employees, while cementing your position in the market compared to your competitors.

        Decision Making, Accountability and Responsibility

  • The idea of creating a "High Performance Work System" relies on this diving headfirst into new and potentially uncharted territory in how we manage our employees. Trusting employees with the ability to self-manage and make their own decisions about how they work and what they focus on is showing with increasing certainty to be superior in improving efficiency organisation-wide. Giving employees the right to be responsible for their own success not only empowers them to improve themselves through their work, but makes them feel desired as not just an employee but as a human being. 


Those are Honey Software's thoughts. Share yours with us! Comment here with your own views or find us at any of our social media pages below.